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Funded Projects

Project Title: Applying ISE Principles at Valley Presbyterian Hospital
Investigator: David Belson
Project Description:
The objective of this project is to apply Industrial Engineering methods to improve productivity and operational success to problems identified by the hospital. The experience is intended to add to the student’s learning as well as to produce significant and sustained improvement at the hospital. The project will redesign the Emergency Department to improve the workflow.

Project Title: Engineers Without Borders: La Estanzuela Water Project
Investigator: Mansour Rahimi and Dana Sherman
Project Description:
The purpose of this project is to improve the quality of life for the small, underprivileged community of La Estanzuela, Honduras by utilizing the engineering skills and team management learned in the classroom to develop a water filtration and distribution system for the community. In order to collect water, the members of La Estanzuela, most often women and children, have to travel 1 km to the closest river. The water they are collecting is contaminated and would be deemed “undrinkable” by U.S. standards. EWB-USC’s student-designed, sustainable system will provide clean, accessible water to La Estanzuela. Having accessible water will allow the children time to go to school and the women time to earn additional income for the family. Similarly, with access to filtered and chlorinated water there will be significant decreases in water-related illnesses. With clean water flowing directly to homes, women and children will spend less time every day carrying water home.

Project Title: Product Dissection Project Development for ISE232L - Manufacturing
Investigator: Yong Chen
Project Description:
ISE232L “Manufacturing Processes” is a hard course to teach to undergraduate students since all the manufacturing processes are quite abstract and have no direct link to the students’ everyday life. To motivate the students in learning the course material, a product dissection project is assigned to the students to illustrate the link between the course materials and their everyday life. However, there are several problems associated with quality control with the current approach of students self-selecting their projects. The purpose of this project is to overcome this problem by developing a set of standardized products that will be used in the product dissection project in ISE232L.